A Q&A with SRE Jonathan Beber

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Jonathan is a DevOps Consultant / Site Reliability Engineer from Brazil who has over 4 years working in Cloud / DevOps positions (Jonathan has recently joined Berlin e-commerce giant Zalando). For someone who is only approaching ‘mid-20s’, Jonathan is one of the most confident and technologically-inquisitive DevOps / SR Engineers that we have met.

Jonathan joined us for a video Q&A at Factory Berlin (Mitte) during our recent visit.

During the Q&A Jonathan addressed the subject of being called a “DevOps Engineer”, Jonathan proposed the idea that there is often too much emphasis placed onto the people operating in this position. To implement DevOps practices; it should be a company-wide implementation and approach and not just the responsibility of one person.

Like many, Jonathan accepted that it is a universally-accepted term and job title, but he does not think that the title properly justifies or highlights his position.

Watch the full interview below…

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