Devops berlin and MSB to host Organisational Benefits of Kubernetes webinar

DevOps Berlin and Magic Sandbox are delighted to share the details of our second joint online event: Organisational Benefits of Kubernetes.

Following on from our initial Kubernetes workshop, Organisational Benefits of Kubernetes is tailored toward tech leaders who are considering the implementation of K8s within their business. Kubernetes is no secret within the engineering community, and whilst there is no doubt that it presents a major shift in how we both develop and deploy software, its adoption does require significant investment.
Engineering managers in charge of such decisions running large organisations and building software serving thousands of customers obviously need to evaluate new technologies based on different requirements, rather than just the features alone.
With that firmly in mind, we will be hosting a focussed roundtable discussion centred on the most important considerations to make for those interested in adopting Kubernetes within their organisation. Not only will we be highlighting benefits that we feel are too often overlooked, but we will also present a realistic overview of what to expect from and investment into Kubernetes and Cloud-native technologies.
Featuring prominent thought leaders within the space, the panel will be made up of Mislav Stipetic (Founder, Magic Sandbox), Nigel Poulton (The Kubernetes Book, Author), Chris Urwin (Field Engineering Director, Rancher Labs) and Chris Stephenson (VP Product & Engineering, Humanitec).
As well as being engaged in an open discussion around the features, ease of implementation, upskilling requirements, costs, practical benefits and any unforeseen elements of the Kubernetes platform, attendees will also have the chance to engage the panel in an open Q&A, having your specific thoughts and concerns discussed and debated in real time. An interactive, open session, our aim is to deliver an in-depth conversation that will provide an honest reflection of everything Kubernetes, giving those watching a far more complete and comprehensive view of the product and how it may fit in to their business, and how practical it may be to adopt.
With such an excellent panel, tickets are proving exceptionally popular. Being distributed via Eventbrite on a first-come-first-served basis, we implore those interest to sign-up without delay to ensure your place. Should you sign-up and then are unable to attend, please do refund your ticket to allow those waiting a chance to secure their place.
Chaired by Amsource International and UK Practice Lead’s Mike Dwyer ( and David Robinson (, they can be reached on the email addresses disclosed should you have any pressing questions.

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