Amsource x Bastian Gruber: Author of ‘Rust Web Development’

Amsource is delighted to be working with Bastian Gruber – author of the soon to be released Rust Web Development book – on an exclusive webinar and Q&A!

Rust is one of the most popular languages of the moment, and it is only growing in prominence and functionality. Bastian, one of the foremost experts on Rust, will be sharing his expertise on the language, discussing his forthcoming book all about it, and joining us for a fully interactive question and answer session with the audience to field any burning queries about Rust, why it’s gained such popularity, where it’s heading in the future or about the upcoming release.

More about Bastian:

Bastian has well over 10 years’ experience as a Software Engineer, having worked on mainframes, as a frontend developer and as a backend engineer. He is currently working as a Solutions Architect at Twilio.

Looking at Rust, Bastian found the perfect sweet spot between a performant and easy to use programming language. Not alone in this opinion, he founded the Rust&Tell Berlin MeetUp group, and wrote articles about his learning journey with Rust.

These articles started the journey of writing a book with Manning, and he wants to help other engineers with a non-traditional systems programming background discover Rust and show why other companies like Google, Space X and Microsoft are betting on Rust’s future.

About the book:

In Rust Web Development, you’ll learn to build server-side web applications using the Rust language and its key libraries. If you know the basics of Rust, you’ll quickly pick up some pro tips for setting up your projects and organising your code.

This book gets you hands-on fast, with numerous small and large examples. You’ll get up to speed with how Rust streamlines backend development, implements authentication flows, and even makes it easier for your APIs to interact.

As you go, you’ll build a complete Q&A web service and iterate on your code chapter-by-chapter, just like a real development project.

To sign up for this event, please sign up using the form below, or join using the link attached to get your ticket via Eventbrite – we’re excited to see you there!