byProduct co-founders discuss week one

byProduct Week One

A joint venture between Mike Dwyer (International Practice Lead @ Amsource) and Nikhil Grover (Head of Product Management @Travelcircus), byProduct was officially launched on Slack last week. Extremely popular and busy since launch, here are the co-founders reflecting on a positive first week for their new online community: 

It’s always a nervous time starting a new venture, but we couldn’t be prouder and happier with how well the byProduct launch has gone. Engagement has been tremendous, events are already being planned and memberships are rising by the day. It was amazing to see the breadth of talent keen to join us from day one, and with everyone taking the time to introduce themselves, it’s clear for everyone involved to see just how many likeminded, experienced and knowledgable individuals are opening themselves up to their peers in a truly warm and collaborative way. 

With members from a wide variety businesses ranging from corporations such as AT&T to exciting start-ups right at the start of their journey, spanning the globe from Dallas to Dusseldorf, it’s rare to see so many C-Suite level professionals all under the same (virtual!) roof. Our first event has been pencilled in for the 29th of January – with an agenda soon to follow – and our channels on Slack are gathering pace, as the community start to really use the resources now available to them to maximise how useful that network is to them. 

In our experience, we know that strong leadership can lead to better products, happier teams, and bigger revenues for any company.?A strong sense of vision and ability to drive it as strategy is key in leadership in any discipline. This, however, did beg the question: where do these leaders go to ask questions about challenges in their organisation? How do these leaders grow? And what moves their wheels of innovation? and not just for their product, but their teams and processes? 

These are the questions byProduct was built to help answer, and while they’re obviously too large to scale in one week, we hope with time that the strength of community and membership that we build, we can lay the foundations for a safe, supportive environment for peers within product to have the sounding board and network required to succeed in a way that they didn’t previously. 

In short – week one has been fulfilling, encouraging and positive. So why not join us to see what the future brings? 

Mike Dwyer and Nikhil Grover

Co-founders, byProduct 

To find out more about byProduct, including details of how to sign up, please click here

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