byProduct: Launching via Slack in January 2021

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byProduct will be launched exclusively via Slack in January 2021 – here are some further details about our new community

What is byProduct?
A specialist community on Slack, the byProduct space has been designed to give like-minded professionals a mutually beneficial place to not only learn from, but also share their own insight. Berlin focussed, the group will primarily cater for product leaders and senior members of businesses who don’t have peers of a similar level within their own organisation. Hosting regular, digestible events and discussions, we hope the group will, in time, begin to grow and self-govern organically.

Why has the community been created?
While there are some Product groups that exist, none fulfil this need directly – and having both worked within the space and discussed the ideas with several senior members of various organisations, it was clear that this community would be an active one. Tech is a space that thrives when the right people are in touch and collaborating effectively, and we hope byProduct is a place where that can be facilitated.

Can I join?
We are open to both referrals and blind applications, but do reserve the right to refuse entry. Should anyone be denied access, direct reasoning will be provided. If you would like to join byProduct, please submit your details here.

What are your values and principles?
You can find our Values, Principles and Code of Conduct on our sign-up page

Who is running the community?
byProduct was founded by Nikhil Grover (Product Leader @ Travelcircus) and Mike Dwyer (International Practice Lead @ Amsource).

Nikhil is a Product Leader with over 7 years of experience, having spearheaded large scale digital projects for a number of industry giants and innovators internationally. He has worked for companies such as Toyota, AT&T, Heycar (Volkswagen co.) and is now leading the Product Strategy and Roadmap at a travel start-up, which focuses on short trips and weekend getaways.

The founder of DevOps Berlin, a member of the Mentoring Club and an active part of the Outlier Basecamps, everything Mike does is community focussed. 2020 has seen him use his extensive experience and network to host a series of webinars – focussed on everything from Remote Working to Kubernetes – as well as providing tech talent solutions internationally, for major corporations and start-ups alike.

What are your contact details?
You can email the byProduct team on, and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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