DevOps Berlin pleased to have joined worldwide mentoring initiative

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The Mentoring Club

DevOps Berlin are delighted to be taking part in a new worldwide mentoring initiative for the technology sector. A brilliant scheme dreamt up by Bastian Buch and Jessica Dewald – both of Omio – The Mentoring Club is a virtual platform through which the tech community can share knowledge and experiences, helping one-another grow.

An idea born and developed while working from home during the Covid19 pandemic, the free, pro bono service exists with the desire to support people in their personal learning journeys by helping connect professionals and experts with those who are keen and willing to learn. Having already attracted 46 mentors from across a wide gamut of disciplines – with more joining all the time – it presents a worthwhile way to give back to a community that has allowed us to have the careers and lives that we have.

Young people or those new to the sector looking for guidance or start-up advice have no better place to turn for free, meaningful discussion on how to achieve what they want, democratising knowledge and networking in a way that wouldn’t have been previously possible. Less than a month in to its journey as a platform, and The Mentoring Club is already attracting plenty of praise and attention, showing the potential to become an invaluable resource as word continues to spread.

This is an exciting time to get involved with such an innovative group of people, with the opportunity to participate in something so potentially meaningful and beneficial a rare occurrence. Especially at a time like now when so many of us have been removed from normality, it’s great to see our community putting measures in place to remain supportive and progressive, which is a credit to those who’ve spearheaded the initiative.

Should you wish to get involved with The Mentoring Club as either a mentor or mentee, we would be more than happy to provide you with an introduction to the platform and get you in touch with the relevant people. The service has recently created its own LinkedIn Page, and their website is also a good starting point for those of you wishing to learn more about who they are and what they’re doing.

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