DevOps Berlin to co-host Remote Onboarding Masterclass

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A masterclass on remote onboarding

Having enjoyed such a positive experience hosting our first webinar last month, we wanted to continue helping valuable knowledge be shared and organise another event – this time, focussed on remote onboarding.

With so many clients and businesses entering an extremely active and talent laden market, one question we’re repeatedly being asked is: “how to we onboard new starters remotely without providing a less than satisfactory experience?”.

It is clear from our previous webinar and the results of the surveys we have conducted that remote working is a feature that the vast majority of tech professionals want to retain post Covid-19, with many even suggesting that a failure for businesses to remain flexible would be an issue large enough for them to look elsewhere.

However, with so much of the induction process previously reliant on face-to-face interactions, office based activities and building a rapport in a traditional team environment, how does this successfully translate when conducted remotely?

Having assembled another expert panel of tech leaders who have become well versed in remote onboarding during lockdown conditions, we’ll be discussing the measures they’ve put in place to ensure successful transitions, and the challenges they’ve faced in getting their processes together. 

Our aim is to help create a roadmap for all tech businesses interested in hiring and onboarding remotely to follow in order to continue growing and building their desired teams, whilst remaining safe in the current public health conditions and giving their existing staff the comfort and flexibility that they have become used to.

Clearly a fine balance with many differing opinions and methods possible, we want this to be another interactive session with questions welcome from our attendees, in the hope that we can create an open dialogue and engaged discussion that can leave everyone involved with something new to take away and think about implementing in their own business practices – enhancing the entire sector as a result of taking the time to share knowledge and answer questions and concerns.

Tickets are available through Eventbrite, and a video of the webinar will be made available on YouTube afterward should you be unable to attend. You already can watch our first webinar on remote working in the tech industry in full.

We look forward to seeing you there and talking with you,

David Robinson and Mike Dwyer

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