Get your tickets: DevOps Berlin co-hosting interactive webinar on the future of remote working in tech

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Event: Interactive Webinar

When: Wednesday 10th June, 1700 GMT

Where: Zoom

Tickets: Click here to register

Amsource are delighted to be hosting an interactive webinar next week, titled: The New Normal for Tech Companies?

Independently researched and organised by David Robinson and Mike Dwyer – two of our Practice Lead’s – they surveyed both tech leaders and workers of all levels within the industry in high volume, with the aim to find out what the feeling was about remote working in the wake of Covid-19, and how that has effected their role.

Touching on important areas such as business culture, the ability to work closely within teams, whether or not remote working was now a preference moving forward or if the office environment still ruled all, their results and conclusions are truly interesting and worthwhile – especially for those in senior positions wanting to know how those below them are feeling.

As well as David and Mike, the panel already includes:

  • Rob MacDonald, Software Engineering Manager, DAZN (Leeds, UK)
  • Tasos Vogiatzoglou, Software Engineering Manager, SumUp (Berlin, Germany)
  • Doug Gordon, Principal Engineer, AT&T (Harrogate, UK)

With the possibility of further panelists being announced shortly!

The team had this to say about the event:

“The webinar will discuss how companies have adapted to new ways of working during the Covid-19 pandemic. Discussions will be based around best working practices, tools and other interesting areas such as how to maintain company culture whilst managing a remote workforce. We hope that this discussion will help attendees plan for what is soon to be the ‘new normal’.”

Not only will attendees have the opportunity to receive a copy of the report in full, but questions are being actively encouraged as we want to have as interactive a session as possible – either during the webinar, or in advance via our social media channels. The hope is that alongside the hard data of the written report, this event can help underline the themes discovered and act as a catalyst for a discussion amongst tech leaders about what the future of the sectors working arrangements are likely to be in a post-Covid-19 world.

To register to attend the event, please collect a ticket through our Eventbrite page, and the Zoom log-in details will be sent to you once confirmed.

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