Kubernetes 101 with Magic Sandbox

DevOps Berlin and Amsource are pleased to be working with Magic Sandbox to deliver a FREE two-hour Kubernetes tutorial.

The first of two Kubernetes events as part of this collaboration, we encourage DevOps professionals, software engineers and anyone else interested in (or responsible for) building their own CI/CD environments keen to learn more about the product works in a practical sense to sign up while tickets remain!

Magic Sandbox deliver Kubernetes Bootcamps that are designed to teach through practical application, rather than pure theory. 

Our workshop will be alongside MSB CTO Mislav Stipetic, so you’ll be in expert hands.

Mislav breaks down the training for us: “You’ll start out learning and re-enforcing the basics. Things like, what is a cloud-native microservice app, and what exactly “Kubernetes is a container orchestrator…” means.

You’ll also get your hands-on, with a msb.com account provided by the trainers, that will give you access to several Kubernetes labs. You’ll deploy a simple app, demonstrate self-healing, scale it up and down, connect to it from the internet, do a zero-downtime rolling update, and perform a versioned rollback. The account provided during the workshop will be valid for a month, so you can keep learning after the lesson.”

Find out more about MSB at www.msb.com

Get your tickets here.

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