Kubernetes Day Two: Our next webinar

When: Wednesday 17th February, 1200 GMT / 1300 CET

Where: Zoom

Having previously explored the benefits and concerns surrounding the initial adoption of Kubernetes in past events, what actually happens once your company has taken the plunge and embraced K8s? One of the most interesting developments in tech in recent years, the emergence of the platform has created much buzz and discussion – and we hope to provide some further insight

In our next webinar in association with Garden, we will seek to shine a light on ‘Kubernetes Day Two‘ – what the practical, day-to-day working life of a Kubernetes team looks like, and how that might be for your business. In previous events with Magic Sandbox, we have provided expert views on how Kubernetes can be most successfully implemented and which companies would benefit from K8s the most – but this session will follow on from those ideas, and lift the lid on what life like Kubernetes is like once the system is functional and already in place.

A roundtable discussion chaired by Mike Dwyer of Amsource, our expert panel currently consists of Jon Edvald (CEO & Co-Founder, Garden) and Mislav Stipetic (CEO & Co-Founder, Magic Sandbox), with more guests to be confirmed shortly. A brilliant panel already with plenty of experience of all things Kubernetes, what they don’t know about the platform isn’t worth knowing.

An interactive session, we will be encouraging our attendees to ask questions and participate in real time, to ensure that we have a fully formed conversation that ticks all boxes and touches all possible bases. Our panel is ready and waiting for any and all questions, with a brilliant agenda planned already for what should be discussed and which topics need covering the most. As part of signing up for the event, we ask our attendees to provide some visibility on where they’re at on their own Kubernetes journey, so can tailor our discussion and answers as neatly as possible! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

To sign up for our webinar with Garden, please follow this link.

For any questions about the webinar, please contact mike.dwyer@amsource.io

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