Mental Fatigue In A Remote Setting (Webinar)

Mental fatigue in a remote setting

When: Wednesday 24th February @ 1200 GMT

Remote working has permanently changed our working landscape, and we’re still collectively adjusting to our new normal. Having chaired a successful series on working from home last year, the consequences of such a drastic changes to the way we live and work are topics that we’ve become expressly interested in shining as much light on as possible.

While there undoubted positives working from home, there are also some hurdles left for us to overcome – namely: ensuring we prioritise our mental health and wellbeing, and stop working from home becoming living at work. The practical elements of home working are plentiful and worthy of their own discussion but, in truth, most should now be set up to perform their roles more than adequately – but managing their own time, own wellbeing and being able to step away from work without an office to physically depart is a real challenge.

With this in mind, we have assembled a panel of specialists to help us discuss mental health and wellbeing in a practical, open and honest manner, with the hope that a dialogue can be created that will aid those working from home and perhaps struggling more than was anticipated. Mental health and wellbeing should be at the forefront of all employers concerns at such a challenging time, and we will seek to provide practical steps that can be taken to ensure workforces remain happy and motivated.

The event will be featuring:

– Carla Murray: Head of Human Resources, EMIS (Leeds, UK)

– Ben Wuestenhagen: MD and CPO, eCademy (Berlin, Germany)

– Daniel Fodor: Co-founder of DearEmployee (Berlin, Germany)

Carla, a HR specialist for UK based healthcare professionals EMIS, will bring her experience of looking after large and varied workforces to the table. Heading up the human resources team for such a large, established brand requires much focus and attention to mental health and wellbeing, which puts her in a perfect place to help our discussions – especially where tech is concerned.

Coming from the education tech sector, Ben Wuestenhagen has hands on experience working with large tech teams remotely – so is actively involved with trying to maintain team spirit and productivity, whilst remaining mindful of the additional stressed WFH under extraordinary circumstances has created. His practical, lived in point of view will be invaluable.

Perhaps perfectly placed for a discussion such as this, DearEmployee co-founder Daniel Fodor has created a platform that is focussed on mental health in the workplace. With large companies already onboard, DearEmployee creates a safe space for honest feedback and discussion between employers and employees, and that dynamic is something we’ll seek some further insight from Daniel on especially.

Click here to join our expert panel to discuss how mental fatigue has become a real issue in tech, and how we seek to overcome it.

For any questions, please contact our hosts David Robinson ( or Mike Dwyer ( and they’ll be sure to help – we look forward to seeing you there!

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