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Amsource and the DevOps Berlin team were approached by organisers Outlier Ventures, a partner and investment business who support the Blockchain and AI ecosystem with the Convergence stack across the world, to attend the very first Diffusion Con in Berlin. As a business committed to supporting tech start-ups/ scale-ups and with a presence in Berlin, it was a no-brainer and sent Mike Dwyer, Practice Lead and Sam Langley, Berlin Partnerships Manager.

The weekend


Mike and Sam arrived in Berlin on Friday and having caught up with some of Sam’s network in the afternoon, went along to the Fission Diffusion meetup held at Arminius Markethalle (well worth checking out if you haven’t been) having been invited by Fission CEO, Boris Mann.

It was a great way to start the weekend in an informal setting. Boris and the Fission team were extremely welcoming and excited to be part of Diffusion Con. A number of others including two judges and one of the organisers were also in attendance and happy to talk about their plans for the weekend over some drinks and most excellent Poutine.

A few words from Boris Mann:

“The Fission team gathered in Berlin to ship new features for our platform supporting the hackers at the Diffusion event. It was a great opportunity to meet people interested in the decentralized web from all over.”

Fission is building a backend-as-a-service that uses decentralized web tech. Their first feature, Fission Live shipped at Diffusion, letting developers publish apps & websites directly from their laptop.


Mike and Sam made their way to Factory, Gorlitzer Park, a fantastic community hub to enable people to bring their ideas to life and create communities and events.

Jamie Burke, CEO of Outlier Ventures opened Diffusion Con with a great opening ceremony and ran through the order of the weekend. Most people broke away into their teams, grabbed coffee and pastries and started planning their projects. Others took advantage of the lounge area, again enjoying refreshments and introducing themselves to one and other.

There were a number of talks and workshops taking place across the zones from 12:30 right through until 16:30. Here are a few of our favourite talks from the day…

Fetch.AI workshop – decentralized ML

David Minarsch, Lead Economist

Getting started with Fetch.AI: Agents ‘n’ Contracts. Synergetic contracts and Agents.

Fission WorkshopApps on IPFS in seconds

Brooklyn Zelenka, Co-founder, Fission

Learn about the Fission framework and our “live from laptop” feature. Using our command line tool and IPFS backend, we enable developers & designers bring their apps online from their laptops.

Evernym talk – Self-sovereign identity

Trev Harmon, Director of Customer Success

This talk with cover the essential basics of the Hyperledger Indy-based Sovrin Network and its use from a code perspective.


At the end of a challenging weekend for all those involved in the hackathon, was of course, the closing and awards ceremony, where all of the hard-work by the teams was recognised and judged.

The Blockchain community is clearly extremely strong, but in many respects it is very much still in its infancy. To see so many hundreds of people attend throughout the weekend was fantastic, and I am sure just the beginning of a positive ascendency in the growth of Blockchain across Berlin and hopefully Europe and the Americas.

The real winner this weekend is not just the individuals and teams that participated and won awards, but the actual blockchain community (please forgive me for use of such a cliché). The interest gathered felt huge.

Factory Berlin are very likely to be at the heart of facilitating the visible and physical expansion of Blockchain community (especially in Europe) through their events / marketing over the coming years, as they have with so much else. This weekend was a perfect example of how Factory facilitate the growth of ecosystems and innovation.

With Blockchain, AI, UX, and User Data-control at the heart of these challenges, there were various complexities involved to develop final solutions with integration in different tool chains.

Check out the description of solution criteria required for each award.

Awards and Winning Teams

A Stack for Good: your moonshot for a better world

Decentral Card Network and Carbon Credits Club

ETHBerlin and the DoD (Department of Decentralization): community improvement bounties

DeFi: Dai Daddy

UX: ID Earth

Libp2p: Carbon Credits Club

Web 2.5: onboarding the rest of the world to decentralised technology:


DAC and Team Reksio CTO, Krzysztof Radecki

“We’re an innovation-driven company looking into expanding beyond our established core. A while back we published a paper on Medium how we envision the future of DLTs as data notaries and Diffusion 2019 felt like a great platform to validate our idea. In just two days we’ve built software for live video stream notarization on Ethereum blockchain with transactions signed using a smart card-like hardware wallet.”

“This was a team effort. Aleksander, Kamil, Klaudiusz, and Stanisław did a flawless job of transforming a catchy vision into a great MVP. After the initial feedback from VCs we know that we’d like to take this journey further and if not for that amazing team, none of this would’ve happened”.

DAC Technology Blog on Medium: https://medium.com/dac-technology-blog

Fetch.ai Technology Prize:

Effortless Parking

Ocean Protocol Technology Prize:


Token Engineering: (re-)invent economic mechanisms by using simulations:

Trojan Dao

Machine Learning in the Decentralised World: opening the AI silos:


Shaking Up the Model: data and compute in different places

Carbon Credits Club and Reksio

Sharing in Consortia Networks: permissioned, tokenized data sharing with T-Labs

Reksio and Effortless Parking

iExec Technology Prize:


Identity and beyond with Hyperledger: credentials for digital trust


HR Trust

Distributed Deep-learning (DiD)

Overall Winners

Bronze Runner-up: Reksio

Silver Runner-up: Trojan DAO

Winner-of-Winners: Decentralify

All of the submitted solutions, with descriptions and visuals, including the winners can be found at Devpost, definitely check them out!

Final word

Key take-away points from the awards were that all of the winners did an exceptional job, putting in a tireless effort over the weekend to deliver an entire solution in a little over 24 hours. Much of this work was done in large blocks, with little rest periods.

With so much promise amongst the Blockchain community, we are very keen to provide community support and further events to contribute to the growth of this ecosystem.

Huge shout-out to the three eventual overall winners. Carbon Credits Club did an exceptional job, featuring in 4 of the overall prizes, and Reksio who collected 2 main prizes and the overall Bronze Runner-up prize.

Thanks to the organisers

Outlier Ventures are an absolutely integral part of the Blockchain community, providing a fantastic platform to succeed with investments that stretch far beyond just finance. They are already well underway with next year’s planning. If you are an aspiring Blockchain innovator and have a great idea for the next big thing, definitely check out Outlier and their base camp.

If you are a Blockchain enthusiast or have any topics or subjects that you would be interested in speaking about, please get in touch. We would be happy to talk about facilitating this with you and providing guidance moving forward.

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