Top 6 Berlin Tech Employers

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It’s no secret that Berlin is a great place to be based for those who want to be on the front-line of tech innovation.

Since beginning our work in the city, we’ve heard countless stories and have witnessed first-hand the enthusiasm and collaboration in the tech community and just how many people really love their jobs!

We speak to tech professionals working in Berlin daily. And from our conversations, we’ve been able to cherry-pick just some of the employers we believe to be the BEST in Berlin for tech professionals.

These organisations are recognised regularly for their devotion to investing in training for their staff, working with the latest technology, recognising their employee’s achievements, providing a great working environment and so much more. Check them out below…

Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero is a leading global business in the Online food ordering space. Head Quartered in Berlin Delivery Hero Boasts over 1,000 employees in their HQ alone.

Despite their phenomenal growth, they’ve been able to stick to their grassroots in terms of company culture. With many likening it to ‘A multinational business with the family feels of a small start-up.’

Employees at Delivery Hero cite the relaxed working environment and opportunities for progression as just some of the things they really like about working there.

The company really drives the diversity and see’s it as one of their major pillars in their success and this approach has helped them grow and be active in 41 countries with c. 22,000 employees around the globe.

Delivery Hero has been listed in Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2020. Their employee benefits package is one of the best in the market with employee wellbeing, training and development, diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of everything they do.


N26 is a german neobank that is building the world’s first digital bank! N26 has big plans for the future and currently operates in 26 counties with over 5 million customers and across 5 global offices and 1500 employees!

Employees at N26 say that the genuine room for professional growth each employee has is a refreshing part of working at N26.

N26 offers its own talent program which offers internships in various different parts of the business.

Jevgenija Zigisova, Frontend Development Intern in Tech says “The key word for N26 is diversity. It’s the first time that I experience so many different nationalities and professional backgrounds in one place. Moreover, for me, as a Woman Techmaker from Latvia, the most important thing in the workplace is that female developers are very well-supported.”

N26 are a tech-centric business who are active in the digital community in Berlin. They host regular tech meet-ups but also ensure they encourage their employees to get out and attend or speak at other events.

They harbour a creative and innovative environment that promotes continuous learning and development. They carve out 2 days a month for you to focus on dream projects or your backlog. They call it “Getting Stuff Done Days.”


Onefootball is the ultimate media platform for football fans around the world.

Onefootball are a diverse, dynamic and driven 200+ workforce operating in the heart of Berlin.

Employees highlight the supportive working environment, friendly, fun team and driven influential CEO as just some of the reasons they enjoy working there.

Developers say that they enjoy the fast-paced nature of the work they do. Being an online media platform, tech is at the heart of what Onefootball do. They want their employees to be the best and encourage them to showcase their skills by speaking at events but also attending conferences and meet-ups that will help them better their professional lives.

Benefits for Onefootball employees include:

  • Visa and relocation support
  • Vacation days annual increase
  • Modern, spacious working environment
  • Free food / drinks – team social events
  • Fitness and activity discounts!

One Football welcomes workers from all different backgrounds and it doesn’t matter if your not the biggest football fan. “Passion for football is welcome but your passion for the job is just as important to us. So even if you are not a fan of this beautiful game, we could be a fan of you.”


Zalando is a fashion technology company that has remained one of Berlins biggest tech employers since it’s birth in 2008.

Zalando promotes an extremely diverse workforce that their employees love working in. The currently have employees from over 130 different nations representing a seemingly endless number of interests, hobbies, programming-language preferences, personalities and so much more.

Employees at Zalando cite the emphasis on learning and development at Zalando as a big staff retention factor for the company. Zalando says “We know that every new technology and methodology we implement involves a learning curve, so our team are dedicated to helping everyone get up to speed on using the tools they need to work successfully.”

Hanna Wolter Team Lead Integration at Zalando says “I joined Zalando SE after quitting my job at a major tech company in Silicon Valley. Now I can combine my passion for Fashion and Tech and work in Germany’s Berlin Valley. I currently lead an ambitious operations team at the Zalando Partner Program where we connect leading fashion brands to the Zalando platform while shaping the online fashion marketplace of the future. We are always looking for great people to join us!”


Blinkist is a subscription service/platform that summarises non-fiction books in less than 15 mins through text and audio, allowing easily-digestible, key insights for the reader, which saves hours of reading for people that do not have the time!

Blinkist have core values that underpin everything about how they work. Some of them include:

“Champion self empowerment” – They encourage their team to be accountable for their own goals and give them something to strive and work for.

“Strive learn and grow” – They want their workers to continually grow / learn. They foster a knowledge sharing culture so workers are able to learn from eachother.

“Leave egos behind” – They put the team before individual success. If one person is doing very well – then everyone is!

“Default transparency” – Whether you are a leader in the business or you are a new starter. Blinkist strive to have a default level of transparency with everyone – ensuring clarity and alignment.

“Embrace Failure” – Blinkist don’t want their employees to fear making mistakes. They want them to make them but then learn and grow from them.

When it comes to perks for employees. Blinkist is not short of them. They offer lot’s of fantastic benefits including 1,500 euros learning budget per employee allowing them to level up their skills and grow in their role. Daily free (healthy) lunch made by inhouse chefs. Yearly free travel passes (taking some stress out of commuting). Flexibility is key at Blinkist – workers can work from home or remotely, whenever they want.  


Contentful is a content management tool with the mission to modernise how content flows in digital products.

In 2019, the New York Times reported that Contentful is one of 50 startups on track to become a unicorn: valued at >$1 billion. Employees like how quickly the company is growing and because of this growth, there are a number of new development opportunities for workers.

Contentful is a start-up and despite it’s growth they’ve always kept their core values. Employees like the empowerment they are given to speak up on their ideas and take their own initiatives.

Employees also say that there is a definite emphasis on personal development and they like that there is an educational budget for every employee. Contentful says “We believe that experts stay experts by continually learning. We make this happen by giving you an education budget for conferences, courses and books.”

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