Watch Back: Amsource x Bastian Gruber: Rust Web Development

Watch Back: Amsource x Bastian Gruber: Rust Web Development

Through our work in the Berlin tech community, we know just how much interest there is in Rust at the moment. It’s because of that knowledge that we teamed up with Bastian Gruber, co-founder of the Rust&Tell meet-up and author of the forthcoming book Rust Web Development.

Extremely well attended and engaged with, Bastian begun the event talking through his relationship with Rust, the main talking points around the emerging language and what readers can expect from his book, before launching in to a really interesting Q&A session with our attendees.

Questions ranged from new interest in the tech to more in-depth issues around practicality and adoption, all of which Bastian was able to shed plenty of light on and leave our guests with a more clear picture of Rust than they started with.

We want to thank Bastian again for taking the time to participate in our webinar, and wish him luck with the book! Thank you also to our amazing attendees, without whom the event wouldn’t have been as lively or interesting. To watch the webinar back in full, we have uploaded the session to YouTube, which can be found below.

Our international team are currently working with some of the most interesting businesses in Berlin that use Rust, and have plenty of candidates interested in adopting the language. If you have any jobs that have yet to be filled, or are wanting to move your career toward Rust development, please get in touch with our team to find out more!

Amsource have been busy with online events across the past year, partnering with some huge businesses to create practical, useful content together that is widely accessible and beneficial to the entire tech community.

With the majority of our sessions available in full on YouTube and plenty of material around each also having been created, should you wish to learn more about any of our webinars, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Similarly, if there’s a topic you think we could collaborate on and put an event out together around, we’d be more than happy to discuss that with you.