Watch It Back: Amsource x Nigel Poulton

Amsource x Nigel Poulton

This week Amsource were delighted to host Nigel Poulton for a discussion about the 2021 edition of The Kubernetes Book, and give our attendees the chance to engage Nigel directly in an extensive Q&A session. A brilliant event that created some real engagement amongst those in attendance, Nigel provided insight in to not only what his style of teaching and books were designed to do, but what the reality of being a tech author is.

Kubernetes is such an intriguing and much discussed area with so much misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding it, that it is refreshing to hear somebody with a real knowledge provide genuine pros and cons to real life concerns – especially with an audience so keen to learn more and get as much out of the session as possible.

For those unaware of Nigel or the tech he discusses the most, this session is a brilliant introduction to both his work and the focus of his work – namely K8s, Docker and containers in general. With some light reflection on his career to date and what he currently does, there is also some more complex and specific technical chat included for those who are already familiar with who he is and what he does.

We would love to thank Nigel again for his time and generosity, with two lucky attendees walking away with signed editions of the newest book for their input within the session. Thank you as well to all of those people who signed up to our event and attended, as it would not have been as well received or beneficial without your attention and engagement. For those who were unable to attend and missed out, the session is now on YouTube in full, which you can view below:

Amsource will be releasing further information about our upcoming events in the near future, so please keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels for those announcements. If you want to discuss this session with us directly, or have a webinar that you’d like to collaborate with us on yourself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.